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What is the most annoying add-on item you have seen on the road? September 4, 2008

Posted by Zulhaikal Mahdan in Rants, Thoughts and Opinion.
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We have seen it and heard it on the road, that weird sound that comes from that Kancil next to you. It was enough to make you cringe and wonder at the same time “what was that all about?” Or some Protons out there that opted to change their logo to that plastic-chrome-lion-crap on their hood. I mean yeah, looks good now but weeks later when the weather takes it toll on it – there we have it a mound of plastic that looks like it has ICI’s Puke Colour No. 9. I agree that since we own that piece of automobile, we can put whatever we fancy on it but please god, think of the people around you!.

Having said that LandRoverMike is asking you what is the worse/funniest/most obscene/retarded add-on item or gadget have you seen on our local roads?