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Concept : Aston Martin Lagonda Concept March 5, 2009

Posted by Zulhaikal Mahdan in Aston Martin, Concepts, Rants, Thoughts and Opinion.
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medium_3327317653_c77c917a5e_oNow this has got me perplexed. I’m a big time lover of SUVs, 4x4s and other offroading vehicle but the new Aston Martin Lagonda Concept is one big confusing mess. These days, for an automobile company to suddenly come out with a new variety of vehicles from their stable is nothing new. So Aston Martin once again brings out the Lagonda name but this time, it represents a luxury SUV. ¬†Really the design is just too confusing. The large grille is surely imposing but somehow not really the identity that the Aston Martin Brand Would carry. I want to say that the business end of this car looks good but truth be told, it isn’t. BMW managed to get it right with the X5 and well I never like the Cayenne from Porsche. I basically believe that a SUV should have somewhat of a bumper in the front. Maybe something that wraps around the grille. Although, I do like the front half of this vehicle’s side profile but that is where the beauty of the car ends. When I saw the rear end of the car, I cringed.


To try something different is one thing, but that happens to make the hair from my pits fall off. Seriously, get back to the drawing board and figure out what is wrong. It just looks bad. Seriously I hope that this concept makes it out on the road, just not with that rear end. It’s like listening to Elton John, you love his songs but he’s gay.