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Introducing Land Rover Mike’s Fantasy Garage September 9, 2008

Posted by Zulhaikal Mahdan in Fantasy Garage.
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I’m a follower of Jalopnik’s Fantasy Garage although, a garage full of supercars and rare automobiles are just not my thing. So I’ve decided to follow in their footsteps and open the LRM’s FG ( I know, it’s quite a handful ). Although the rules has changed this time around.

I will put up a car under my own recomendation ( no votes ) and of course I will have a limitless budget to go with it. There is also a 100 car limit and since I in asia, my choices will mostly be of cars that I am exposed to locally – well most of it.

Since I’m such a fan of Land Rover my first induction to the garage would be this.




The Bell Aurens Longnose Land Rover

The Bell Aurens Longnose Land Rover

I can choose the latest Range Rovers that has come out this year or the LR3 but for the point of exclusivity, the Bell Aurens Longnose Land Rover is chosen. Also I have chosen the 12 cylinder 27.0 Litre Rolls Royce Merlin/Meteor. Quite a handful to say but the Bell Aurens Longnose just makes you want to say it. It is not your average Range Rover which are made for people who’s ego is bigger than that moving bungalow itself. No, the Longnose is made for those who understands what having a Land Rover is all about. I know what you guy’s are thinking, ” If he’s talking about off-roading, then there are other options out there ” but I will have to say that nothing does off-roading better than a Land Rover. Which also brings us to the next point, as you noticed – the Longnose is not an Off-Roader but an Off-Roadster. A two-door open top off-roadster? instant orgasm!!! We all know that if it’s a Land Rover, it will get you to wherever you want to go but getting there in this will just chow how special you are. Honestly if you are really into 4×4 then the Bell Aurens Longnose should be in your dream list, if not then you better check whether there is something wrong with you.

Welcome the first car in LRM’s Fantasy Garage, the Bell Aurens Longnose Land Rover



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